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of dollars of investment.

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viewers can see these niche films by tablet PCs, mobile phones and other mobile devices, and are willing to pay for content. This will also inspire those niche film directors creative passion, open the movie more vertical areas.With 4G mobile networks, OTT development, as well as the popularity of mobile payments, Internet TV production will bring more opportunities. But how to seize the opportunity, in exchange for "real money" is the television production companies and television worth considering. 2014, O2O become entrepreneurs, the most talked about investment mode. In this wave of Internet-based services, mobile Internet, the process of laundry this entry point is considered to be a "portal" site services, many entrepreneurs, investors have to join them.Laundry O2O hottest two companies Rongchang e washing bag wash and Teddy were recently obtained in the millions of dollars of investment.In early November 2014, Rongchang e bag wash Announces A round of investment from Matrix Partners and SIG totaling $ 20 million for. Almost simultaneously, Teddy washing propaganda has been led by Sequoia Capital investment of $ ten mnike air max 95 cheap  illion B round of financing. e wash bag from Angel'

s turn to get A round just four months later; washing Teddy B from A turn round is only in the past three months. Quick shot of capital is uncommon.Observers believe that, after the capital into the industry, "enclosure movement" along commence dispute users, grab the market, the two sides will accelerate the speed of the layout, and the capital became an important law code of its competition. Rongchang e wash bag chairman Zhang Rongyao told the "China Business" reporter: "They prepare three or four months time to burn 100 million yuan, with the money to subsidize users to change their consumption habits."Laundry O2O subvert what"I did the laundry for 24 years, and his leather own life. I have done that in the past I made a set of cutting, all down the road again, including the disposal of assets Tianjin lost several million dollars." Zhang Rongyao said that while in 2000 we started to embrac  nike air max 2014 womense the Internet, and cooperation with Sina try an online laundry service, including the launch of the "one with 4" and "Networking Card" mode, these are the times of the PC and phone products, and in mobile Internet era, we need to create a product of this era.Zhang Rongyao said that

the mobile Internet era products are some of the features, such as simple, convenient and fun, the traditional laundry is charged according to different pieces of material costs, but this is certainly not the mobile Internet era of product, so we changed the past pricing, charging by volume air jordan 6 sale  . "We use the bag to measure how much a bag, this is the first we have."Indeed, you can not very well make standardized products into standardized products by volume.After Rongchang e wash bag, laundry O2O appeared in numerous national companies, they accepted the idea of ​​using the bag to measure non-target problem can be solved. Hunan founder send any e house boat on that: "With bags can save time and reduce the threshold of logistics personnel acquiring person, then come back with bags unpacked under video surveillance, and then matched with professional knowledge of work personnel inspect clothes, which can improve efficiency. ""I've been wondering what is the laundry this matter, with the now popular, then why should I subvert their own, because I saw one of the pain points. I am very clear business model dry cleaners, past the boss a lot of investment dry cleaners to make money

like this stack code earners

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Lui Che Woo's Galaxy Entertainment Group (00027.HK) announced second-quarter results show that due to the reduction StarWorld Macau's Lounge transcoding number of for the first time in this mode of entry granted permission to stay in Macau, will be reduced to seven days five days. December, FGIS Zhuhai Gongbei Checkpoint announced through the official micro letter, passport entry Macau, shall be submitted in Macau stopover permitted within the period booked seat ticket. Want transit Macau, passports, visas, tickets one less. For Wilson, like this stack code earners, this message misfortunes.In the well-known Hong Kong and Macao affairs commentator Tan Zhiqiang seems central rigorously enforce anti-corruption has been more than two years, although Macau until today a "chain reaction", but still have a great relationship with the central policies. "Central anti-corruption efforts so much, and now (corrupt officials) could have fled to escape, run away has been arrested, and certainly no one to Macao up."However, Tsai said that the British intermediary casino, gambling in Macau at present they also are optimistic, although the business is subject to sho nike air max 2015 womenst-term hit, but the gaming industry in the future will continue to be a pillar industry in Macao. "It is not as well as the Philippines, Singapore, customers always have a place to

wipe food according to early December release of" Chinese Internet audiovisual industry report "shows that as of July 2014, China's online video users more than 439 million online video usage over 70 %, more than 300 million users of mobile video, mobile video usage over 55.7%. Another survey shows, TV loyal audience (two hours a day watching) population growing at 2% per year rate of decline seen, media landscape and media ecosystems are undergoing profound changes, more and more people use the network as the main way to get video information. recently held in Singapore Asia Television Forum (ATF) I found on the face of the Internet's impact on television, TV companies to discuss more Internet to television production opportunities.First, the Internet to television production to brinnike air max tn sale  g more interactive channels, to "fan the economy." The ATF, the "Where is the father," for example, the production team not only users of the stars often openly solicited dads do every stop of the game view, still microblogging, the micro-channel, the video site to build a huge Fans ecosystems interact with the audience. As sponsor of the Forum, the Media Development Authority of Singapore

industries Assistant Secretary Fucai Li said, now the audience has not only need to develop new programs to meet the needs of the television, they are more focused sense of participation, wish to express their views at any time, only interactive and multi-platform content strategy means in order to have a long-term development platform.Secondly, Internet TV producers to bring more distribution channels and profit sharing model. Through the Internet, relying on free broadcast TV content and advertising revenue, broadcast television drama broadcast content to the user fee rental fee model is accepted more copyright side. At home, with the video site for copyright bunike air max tn uk   ying enthusiasm gradually increased TV content distribution channels are being expanded.Again, the long tail of the Internet users will bring more viewers to television content. In particular niche content will have more living space. Market research firm Venture Consulting analyst Vera Patel on the ATF, said the rapid development of mobile Internet, will further broaden the film industry's distribution channels, make more niche, professional film and television work into the public eye . More and more ordinary

by the central government

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gaming revenue in the second quarter plunged 23% qoq.Before Stanley Ho's SJM Holdings Limited CEO, said Ambrose So, dim VIP market performance will directly affect the future of gaming revenue in Macau six months, he is expected to continue to fall in the future.Although there is no direct evidence to show that, but Macau industry generally believe that business performance Lounge is mainly influenced by the central government anti-corruption action. The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Casino, one of the six, a lounge official said that since the year 2003 is onike air max 2015 mens  pen to the free exercise of tourists from the mainland has become a major source of passenger lounge. And Ambrose So, said: "By 2015, if not further expand the central round of anti-corruption, the situation may start to improve the impact of corruption on casino customers are mainly psychological level..""After the free exercise open to the casino are mainly inland people, you turn around in the hall to hear are Mandarin, even we are beginning to learn Manda

rin, otherwise no way to do business." Wilson told the "China Economic Weekly" previously to Macau gambling mostly small business owners Pearl River Delta region, Dongguan, Zhongshan, mainly. The past seven or eight years, customers from the mainland inland provinces gradually increased.According to Wilson's description, although guests lounge where a considerable part of the mainland wealthy, but they are more willing to receive the "leadership." Mainland businessman in lounge will also "big bucks", but the shot did not Haokuo officials. "Few officials came alone, alone to relatively low-key, up to play two. Henla shots are real companies come forward to entertain, anyway do not lose their own, a go on the hundreds of thousands now VIP hall have been rare people like it. "With the gradual increase of the mainland's anti-corruption efforts, like Wilson same stack code earners feel the first business increasingly difficult. "In the beginning, you can feel to the casino Mainland officials gradually reduced, and now, a VIP hall oair jordan 6 mensfficials not only gone, even the wealthy mainland is also very rare. Before Zhejiang Wenzhou, Taizhou, Shanxi enjoyed together five or six one up to

 play, now customers also were gone. VIP guests before playing hall Jiucheng are mainlanders, now less than three Chengdu. "Wilson," China Economic Weekly "said that with the reduction of the mainland guests, Lounge income also declined. Moreover, before betting intermediary lending business has been affected. "Bad a lot more, a lot of money now being paid. Now we put the account is more cautious, because they do not know that customers will not go back (Mainland) on 'luck' of Previously also accepted for sale (real estate) mortgage, now a accident, mortgage, it's useless. "Chairman of the Asian Responsible Gaming Alliance NWO analysts snike air max 2014 mensay Beijing, Macau gaming revenue decline is the inevitable consequence of the business lounge funding strand breaks. Has been supporting the bottleneck of the whole business in Macau gaming lounge encountered development, which strengthen anti-corruption efforts in the Mainland, CUP card casino consumption is limited, Mainland China and Macao passport port dwell time tightening and other factors are not unrelated.June 2014, the Chinese mainland and Macao Public Security Police tightened passport transit restrictions, starting from July 1,

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